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Pontigny, France: The Abbey of Pontigny and tomb of Saint Edmund of Abingdon


About Saint Edmund of Abingdon:

When we think of the Archbishop of Canterbury, we most often think of England, and perhaps the most famous one, Saint Thomas Beckett. But in an earlier time another Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint Edmund of Abingdon, also was in conflict with the King of England.

In this case it was in the 13th Century, when Saint Edmund of Abingdon clashed with Henry III, who was trying to exert state control over the Church. Although backed by the Pope, he found resistance within his own order, and ended up excommunicating 17 of the monks who were rebelling against the rule of the Order.

About PontignyAbbey where his body lies:

Pontigny AbbeyFounded in 1114, as part of the new Cistercian Order, they followed the rule of Saint Benedict and built Abbeys that were simplistic and without much decoration.

This is the only remaining Cistercian Abbey of the original five that were built. It was also one of the stop-over points on the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela.

The monks here established vineyards that later became famous as the birthplace of Chablis wines.

The Abbey is open daily….guided tours are available for a small fee.


Traveling to Pontigny:

There is train service from Paris (Gare du Lyon) to Auxerre that takes a bit under two hours. From Auxerre it is about 10 miles (18 km) to the Abbey.   Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

Address: Abbaye de Pontigny 5 Avenue de l’Abbaye, 89230 Pontigny

GPS coordinates: 47° 54′ 34.9812” N, 3° 42′ 48.6792” E

Tel: +33 03 86 47 54 99

email: accueil@abbayedepontigny.com

Click here for the official website of Pontigny Abbey.

Photo courtesy Pontigny Abbey.

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