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Nevers, France: Gildard Convent & Incorrupt Body of Saint Bernadette


About the Saint Gildard Convent in Nevers:

People who visit Lourdes are sometimes surprised (and disappointed) to learn that it is here in Nevers, and not in Lourdes, that you will find the incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette. St. Bernadette spent the last 9 years of her life in Saint Gilard’s convent here in Nevers.

Her body was found incorrupt when exhumed thirty years after her death, and again when exhumed a second time ten years later. The peace of Bernadette and her love of God is felt in this holy place. To see where she lived out the final days of her life here on earth and then view her incorrupt body is a special feeling that cannot be adequately described.

The incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette at the convent in Nevers, France
The incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette at the convent in Nevers, France

As you can see, you can easily approach the glass reliquary to view the incorrupt body of this famous Saint.

We celebrate the Feast of Saint Bernadette on April 16 (in France, they celebrate the Feast on the date of her death, which was February 18).

You can also spend some time in the beautiful grounds of the Convent where Saint Bernadette spent many hours in prayer and contemplation.

The Convent is open daily (usually closed from noon until 2:00 p.m.) and also has accommodations for up to 200 people for those wishing to stay longer than one day. In addition there is a cafeteria and gift shop.


Traveling to Nevers:

Saint Bernadette prayer card and medal
Saint Bernadette prayer card and medal

As mentioned above, Nevers is not in the same area as Lourdes, which makes it a bit difficult to include in a pilgrimage tour to Lourdes, although some tour companies do include it.

If you are planning to travel to Nevers from Lourdes, your journey will be about 8 hours each way, since you will need to travel to Paris and then change train stations to connect for the train to Nevers.

If you are traveling to Paris, then we recommend a day trip to Nevers. You can take direct trains from the Paris Bercy station and make the trip in about 2 hours. It is a fairly short walk from the train station to the convent. Be aware that there are several train stations in Paris, so be sure to check when making your travel plans. The convent in Nevers is about a 15 minute walk from the station.  Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

Address: 34 Rue Saint-Gildard, 58000 Nevers

GPS coordinates: 46° 59′ 32.3160” N, 3° 9′ 9.0684” E

Tel: +33 03 86 68 46 25

email: contact@espace-bernadette.com

Click here for the official website of the Gildard Convent in Nevers.

Note that there is a pilgrim house here, as their website states:
“Espace Bernadette is a house of welcome, reserved for pilgrims who wish to come either individually or in organized groups, as well as individuals wishing to make a retreat or just to come for some spiritual refreshment. It is not a hotel.” Note they specify you should not email both the convent and the retreat house or you will not receive a reply.

Click here for those who prefer a hotel or B&B, find restaurants, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

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11 thoughts on “Nevers, France: Gildard Convent & Incorrupt Body of Saint Bernadette”

  1. Please could you pray for me at St Bernadette’s resting place as I have cancer and a few other health problems as well
    Please pray for me if you have the time
    Thank you

  2. How much does it cost for overnight stay to stay at the convent accommodation. When the virus is over I hope to travel to Paris and go to Nevers. I have visited Lourdes about 12 times. I have undergone severe physical and stressful problems in my life. I feel I have to accomplish this visit to see the last step of Saint Bernadette’s journey. She and Our Lady have given me so much peace when I visit Lourdes. My worries and fears are meaningless when I am there. I would like to have time to pray in the grounds and be at Saint Bernadette’s side. Please God I will. Maria.

  3. I would love to be able to see My Beloved St. Bernadette final Resting Place someday. I have always loved her so very much. St Bernadette please pray for me and that maybe one day I will be able to go to visit your final resting place. I Love You so much St Bernadette.

  4. Dear Vikki-
    I took note of your request for prayer for your 26yo Naz.

    Today 16 April, 2019 is feast of St Bernadette – Born 7 January 1844. Died 16 April 1879. 35yo. 140th of her passing on to Heaven.

    I’m going to two masses:
    7am at Tyburn Convent – at Riverstone, a suburb in Sydney.

    Then at 8.45am at St Bernadette Parish, Lalor Park- another suburb in Sydney.

    Be assured of my prayers for Naz & for a miraculous prayerful intercession from St Bernadette.

    In both these House of God places—
    In Tyburn Convent I shall write a request to the nuns there- to pray for Naz.

    At St Bernadette Parish, in Lalor Park I shall write to the priest- Fr Andrew Robinson – for special prayers for Naz’s healing & full recovery.
    I’ll ask our Lady of Lourdes for her intercession too, believing she can bless us with her loving Son Jesus, Who, today, Holy Tuesday, is on His road to the Cross & crucifixion.

    I’m asking all saints & angels too.

    Believing No prayer is wasted, we can only ask God – from our lips to His listening ears.

    Godbless you Vikki and Naz & all in your family.

    In Christ Jesus’ Name. The Name above all names. Big AMEN!!.

  5. Hello I need a miracle for my 26 year old son …his cancer returned to his.spine and brain …Can you get a prayer near St.Bernadette? My sons name is Naz. Please St Bernadette ask the Blesed Mother Jesus and all of the saints to cover mysons body and heal.him so I can show the world that miracles happen .Bless the Nothern Volunteees who have made us so happy and loved ….I will be waiting…please ..

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