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Paris: La Madeleine Church (The Church of St. Mary Magdalene)


About La Madeleine Church:

This church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene and has quite an interesting history.

Two churches had been started on this site but never completed, and then in 1806, Napoleon commissioned the current building.  It was designed to look like a temple, commemorating his victories. After the fall of Napoleon, King Louis XVIII made the decision that it would become a church.

Among its features are some excellent frescoes and paintings including a fresco showing the history of the Church which just “happens” to have Napoleon at its center.

There is also an excellent statue showing Mary Magdelene being carried in to heaven by angels.  We recommend the video shown on the left.

The Church is used as a venue for both concerts and high-profile weddings. The pipe organ is considered one of the best in Paris.

Photos of La Madeleine, Paris
This photo of La Madeleine is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Finding La Madeleine Church:

We recommend “Little Black Book of Paris” and “Streetwise Maps” to help you find your way.

Address: Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris

GPS coordinates: 48° 52′ 12.6696” N, 2° 19′ 27.3072” E

Tel: +33 1 44 51 69 00

email: bruno.horaist@wanadoo.fr

Click here for the official website of La Madeleine Church in Paris.

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