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Paris, France: Our Lady of Victories Minor Basilica

History of the Basilica:

One of the 16 Churches in Paris to be designated as a Minor Basilica, Our Lady of Victories (Notre Dame des Victoires), is one of the most popular churches in Paris. Louis XIII founded Notre-Dame des Victoires in 1629. The king answered the call of the barefoot Augustinians, called “little fathers”, who asked him for the money necessary for the construction of a new convent, on the three hectares that they acquired between the Porte de Montmartre and the Porte de Saint-Honoré.  The king expressed the wish to see the church dedicated and consecrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin, under the title of Our Lady of Victories.   The story gets more interesting in the 19th Century….1836 to be exact.

Up until that time, there were few parishoners…….as it was in a commercial area, and in fact the Abbott, Charles Desgebettesmm, was considering resigning:  He had been unable to draw many people to Mass and felt that his ministry was a failure.  On December 3 of that year he received interior locutions from the Blessed Mother during Mass. She told him to consecrate the parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The history does not stop there, however. Many seminarians and priests visited the parish, including John Henry Newman, who went there to give thanks for his conversion. Other visitors among the thousands of faithful were Therese Martin (later to become Saint Therese of Lisieux), who prayed before the statue asking for Our Lady’s help in realizing her vocation, as well a visit from Saint John Bosco.


About The Basilica:

One of the most striking features to many are the thousands (roughly 37,000) ex-votos on display here giving thanks for prayers answered.

A chapel in the Basilica is dedicated to Saints Louis and Zélie Martin and houses their relics. It is a powerful place of intercession for couples, families, the sick, the young.

A group of religious sisters from the Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre are here as well. They are open daily and are a very active parish.


Finding Notre Dame de Victories:

The Basilica is located in the 2nd Arrondisemont.  We recommend “Little Black Book of Paris” and “Streetwise Maps” to help you find your way.

Address:  6, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, 75002 Paris

Tel:   +33 (01) 42 60 90 47

email:  use contact form on their website.

GPS coordinates: 48° 51′ 59.2884” N, 2° 20′ 27.7404” E

Click here for the official website of Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris.


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