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Tallinn, Estonia: Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul


About Tallinn:

With a population of only about 500,000, Tallinn is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities. This makes it ideal in terms of getting around and seeing everything the city has to offer.

Traveling to Tallinn:

Tallinn has an international airport and is also a popular stop on many Baltic cruises, so if you are on a cruise you will probably be able to pay a visit, and if you are lucky, attend Mass.

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul:

Tallinn has but one major Catholic church: the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, although there are several other places of worship as well. Most Masses are in Estonian, but as we have pointed out before, don’t let the language barrier keep you from attending Mass. It is still the Mass…..and participating in the Mass in another country’s culture is always interesting.

Address: Vene 18, 10123 Tallinn

GPS coordinates: 59° 26′ 17.8728” N, 24° 44′ 53.0268” E

Tel: (+372) 644 6367

email: ppkirik@hot.ee

Other places than the Cathedral for Catholics to worship include (see map below):

Order of the Most Holy Savior of St. Bridget

Ukranian Greek Catholic Culture Center (in communion with Rome)

Tel:  +372 5650 2572

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