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Sandino, Cuba: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

About Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Sandino:

Completed in January 2019, this was the first new church built in Cuba since the Communist revolution of 1959, when churches were closed down.  The town of Sandino was at one time a place of exile for many dissidents, sent there by the Communists as punishment.

Nearly $100,000 ( a huge sum by Cuban standards) for the new structure was raised by the St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Tampa (which after Miami has one of the largest enclaves of Cubans in Florida)

The Church has a capacity of about 200 people and replaces the temporary quarters they had in an old building.

Finding the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Sandino:

We do not have an exact address at this time, but the map location is shown below.  Many of the streets in this city do not have names.

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