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Baracoa, Cuba: The Sacred Cross of Para


About Baracoa, Cuba & the Cross of Columbus:

The first colonial settlement founded in Cuba has the distinction of housing the cross planted by Christopher Columbus in 1492 as he discovered the new world. Among the notable leaders of this part of the island was Saint Anthony Mary Claret, founder of the Claretian Order, who was Bishop from 1849-1858.

Historical documents trace the planting of this cross on December 1, 1492 and tests done in Belgium verify the age of the cross to be from that time. It appears to be from a type of wood native to Cuba, so stories that it came from Europe would be incorrect.

The Cross of Para in Cuba, , planted bu Christopher Columbusby Christopher ComOf the 29 crosses planted by Christopher Columbus, this is the only one said to have survived.

The Cross was preserved, although it was not widely acknowledged since the local population feared that if too much was made of it then the cross might be taken to the larger city of Santiago, Cuba……which eventually occurred anyway.  There is a representation of the cross placed outdoors at the actual location, while the cross itself is inside the Basilica.


About the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption:

The Actual cross of Para in Baracoba, Cuba
CC BY 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=775700

As mentioned, the Cross was kept in Santiago for safety over the years and then later returned to the city of Baracoa, where it is kept in Our Lady of Assumption Church.

The Church is on the town square and easy to find. Baracoa itself is noted for its natural beauty and un-spoiled attractions.

Traveling to Baracoa:

The city is fairly remote, about 600 miles East of Havana, which means the best way to reach it is by air, or fly to Santiago de Cuba and travel by bus from there.

Address: Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, Ciro Frias, Baracoa

Tel: +53 (226) 28502

GPS coordinates: 20° 20′ 50.7948” N, 74° 29′ 47.3604” W

Cuba is open to visitors from many countries; however, citizens from the U.S. must meet certain entry requirements. You can find these requirements on the U.S. State Department website here.

There is no official website for the Church that we are aware of, but click here for the City’s official website.

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