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Cartago, Costa Rica:

La Negrita (The Black Madonna) in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels


About La Negrita:

The history dates back to 1635, when a young girl looking for firewood saw a black rock that was shaped like a doll on top of a large boulder with a mysterious image on it. The image appeared to be the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus. She took the rock home, but somehow it was found the next day back where she it was originally discovered.

After this happened three times she confided in her Parish Priest. He took the stone into the church but again the rock was back in its original place. Realizing the significance of this, Church officials authorized the building of a church over the boulder where the statue was found.

This church still remains but the statue was later moved to a new Basilica, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, where it can be seen today.


About the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels in Cartago, Costa Rica:

Cartago, Costa Rica Shrine of the Black MadonnaMany miraculous healings have been attributed to the statue, which is now kept in the Basilica in Cartago that was built to honor Our Lady.

The Basilica, built in 1639, was partially destroyed during a powerful earthquake and was subsequently restored.  The Basilica is open daily with opportunity to attend one of several Masses each day, view the miracle and opportunities for Confession every day as well.  The highlight of the year is on August 2, when almost one million people (almost a quarter of the total population of the country) make a pilgrimage to the shrine. Many walk for miles and often on their knees as a sign of faith.

La Negrita became the Patron Saint of Costa Rica in the year 1824 and was visited by the late Pope John Paul II in 1983.

The Feast Day of Our Lady of the Angels ( La Negrita) is celebrated on August 2 and is a national holiday in Costa Rica.


Traveling to La Negrita Shrine in Cartago, Costa Rica:

Cartago is about 15 miles south of the capital, San Jose.

Address: Avenida 1, Cartago

GPS coordinates: 9° 51′ 50.8176” N, 83° 54′ 45.6552” W

Tel: (+506) 2551 0465

email: info@santuarionacional.org

For the official website of Our Lady of the Angels in Cartago click here (in Spanish)

Photo courtesy of the Shrine.

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