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Cap du La Madeleine, Canada (Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape)


About Cap du la Madeleine:

Sitting on the shores of the St. Lawrence River roughly 80 miles Northeast of Montreal, the history of this shrine goes back to 1634 when the first Jesuit missionaries arrived what was French Canada.

​In 1720 the first stone chapel was built and is the oldest church in Canada. This chapel was destined to have an amazing history. There are many miraculous stories associated with Cap du la Madeleine, but the most famous is the ice bridge. When in 1878 it was decided to tear down the old church and build a new one using some of the stones from the old church along with stones brought in from across the river after the ice had frozen solid.

The river normally froze quite solid by late December and horses could be used to drag the stones across the river to the new location.

Unfortunately the winter of 1878-1879 was unusually mild and no ice formed on the river.

The parishioners began to pray the rosary asking for a big freeze. The priest at that time vowed to Our Lady that if she answered their prayers he would leave the old church standing and dedicate the parish to Her patronage. As he prayed before a statue of Our Lady, Blessed Father Frederic Father Désilets and Mr. P. Lacroix saw her eyes open on the evening of June 22, 1888: the Miracle of the Eyes.

Finally in March of 1879, much later than usual, the ice bridge was formed which allowed the transportation of the stones across the river.


About the Sanctuary of Cap du La Madeleine:

Since that time the first Marian shrine in Canada has seen millions of pilgrims, including Pope John Paul II in 1984. There are daily Masses as well as many other spiritual activities.

Traveling to Cap du la Madeleine:

The Shrine is located halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

Address: 626 Rue Notre-Dame Est, Trois-Rivières, QC G8T 4G9

GPS coordinates: 46° 22′ 8.2956” N, 72° 29′ 51.7668” W

Tel: (+1) 819-374-2441 # 261

email: pelerinages@ndc-cap.com

Click here for the official website of Cap du La Madeleine Shrine

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