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Salzburg: The Christ Child of Loreto


About the Christ Child of Loreto:

of Europe’s most revered objects. The statue of Christ Child of Loreto originally came from Switzerland and became known when Fr. John Chrysostom Schenk traveled with it. He often loaned the statue to sick people and often people were amazed as their maladies were miraculously cured. Equally amazing was the fact that the statue was always returned to him in excellent condition despite the wear and tear. After his death in 1634 the statue continued to be revered by many and the faithful requested that it be made available for veneration.

Today the statue is in the chapel of the Capuchin nuns in Salzburg and open to public viewing. Mass is celebrated daily.

Traveling to see the Christ Child of Loreto:

The church is in the heart of Salzburg but easy to miss so look for the sign saying “Loreto Kirche” at Paris-Lodron-Strasse.

Address: Lorettoplatz 1,

GPS coordinates: 47° 48′ 18.9612” N, 13° 2′ 48.5808” E

We are not aware of any official website for the shrine.

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