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Salzburg, Austria

About Salzburg:

Salzburg, AustriaAlthough we know Sazburg today as a city, for over 1100 years, Salzburg was a church-state, where secular and church power were united under a prince-archbishop.  Overlooking the city is Hohensalzburg Fortress, a large medieval fortress that was erected at the behest of the prince-archbishops of Salzburg. The fortress one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.

Salzburg is one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, it is well known as the birthplace of Mozart, and you will see his name in many places around the city.  It is also where the movie “The Sound of Music” is set.

With so many churches, it has been called “the Rome of the North”.

Salzburg is home to two very important Catholic shrines:

Our Lady of Maria Plain

The Christ Child of Loreto

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