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Wienerwald, Austria: Stift Heiligenkreuz Cistercian Abbey


The history of Stift Heiligenkreuz:

Not far from Vienna, “Stift Heiligenkreuz”, (Abbey of Heiligenkreuz), is a beautiful and living Cistercian monastery. Founded in 133 by Saint Leopold III, it is the second-oldest Cistercian monastery in the world and has the additional distinction of being the oldest continuously active one as well. During the period of Nazi occupation, from 1938 to 1945, the abbey’s existence was threatened and many of the monks were imprisoned. It became re-invigorated after World War II to become what it is today.

In September 2007 it was blessed by an official visit by Pope Benedict XVI.


About the Cistercian Monastery in Wienerwald:

Today, the monastery is fully functioning and has become well known for its many vocations to the religious life. As of 2016 there were 77 members, 18 affiliated parishes and a Pontifical Academy with approximately 180 students.

Visitors are welcome to pray in the the Holy Cross Chapel (Kreuzkirche). Even on a short visit you may attend the prayers of the monks at 12:00 or at the Vespers at 18:00.

You are welcome to stay as a guest for some days in the guest-house of the monastery. The rooms are very simple and poor. Please contact the guest master of the monastery prior to your visit: gastmeister@stift-heiligenkreuz.at

If you wish to see the Abbey itself, you must take a guided tour rather than visit individually. There is a fee for the tour. For times and fees see their website.

The Monastery has an excellent gift shop, with such items as Heiligenkreuz wine, schnapps and liqueurs and other delicacies are offered.


Traveling to Wienerwald:

Address: 2532 Heiligenkreuz im Wienerwald / Austria

GPS coordinates:  48° 3′ 6.5592” N,  16° 7′ 44.1372” E

Tel: +43 2258 / 8703

email: information@stift-heiligenkreuz.at

Click here for the official website of Stift Heiligenkreuz:  lots of great information!

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