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Innsbruck, Austria: Our Lady of Absam Shrine


The Story of Absam:

In this small village, 6 miles east of Innsbruck, you can find a miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary which dates from 1797. On a winter’s night an 18 year old girl, Rosina Buecher, was sitting by her window sewing. Her father was working in the salt mines and she suddenly had a feeling that something was wrong–perhaps he had met with an accident.

As she looked out her window, she was startled to see an image of a beautiful young woman on the window. She called out to her mother who also saw the image, and both instantly felt that it must be the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their parish priest and their neighbors all agreed with the mother’s opinion.

The priest had the window pane removed so that it might be tested. It was discovered that when it was submerged in water the image disappeared but when it was dried off the image returned. Scientific experts were unable to explain how the image was created on the glass. The priest felt it was indeed a miraculous image and returned it to the Buecher family. By now the image had become an object of veneration to those in the village and so the family decided to donate the image to the parish church.

Before long people from all over Austria began making pilgrimages to the parish church and reports of miraculous healings began to spread. Many ex-votos were placed in the church thanking Our Lady for her intercession.

Today you can still see the image in the parish church of Absam, Saint Michael the Archangel which has now been raised to a Minor Basilica. It measures 5″x7″ and is enshrined on a side altar.

Traveling to Our Lady of Absam Shrine:

Innsbruck is easily reached by air, train or by car. Get plane, train & bus schedules, flights, see fares & buy tickets here.

You can take a bus or taxi to the shrine from the Innsbruck train station or airport.

We are not aware of any website for the church.

Address: Schindlstrase, 6067 Absam, Austria

GPS coordinates: 47° 17′ 37.2840” N, 11° 30′ 6.4584” E

Two phone numbers: 43-05223/ 43-57164 as well as an email address.

An interesting side note is the fact is that the grandparents and parents of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI were married in Absam and, according to the author of “My Brother the Pope”, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has a special attachment to Our Lady of Absam.

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