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Catholic Sites in Argentina


The nation of Argentina is predominantly Catholic—some 78% identify themselves as such, despite inroads by evangelical sects in the last few decades.

The country is obviously in the news now that we have a Pope from Argentina.

The government has a recent history of clashing with the Church, especially in the so-called “dirty war” of the 1990’s when many opponents of the government simply vanished. This included priests as well as non-religious who opposed the military Junta. Through all this the faith remains strong.

The un-founded (and publicly refuted by many of those quoted) attacks on Pope Francis from the secular media will no doubt fall flat in this country where the real story is known.

There several major Marian shrines in the country, including the apparitions of Our Lady in San Nicolas.


Among the sites that we recommend are the following:

Itati:   Basilica of Our Lady of Itati:

Lujan: Our Lady of Lujan

San Nicolas: Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary

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