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May 27, Day 1: Departure from Miami

Friday, May 27
Hello from Miami:
Well we got this far and are finally relaxing in the Admirals lounge.  A drink took the edge off, and boy, did we all need one!  Now I know how it is to have kids!!!  This will be a great experience only because we love our two kids that are with us.
Johna is okay…..actually, she is great. Sam…..I will get into that later. Both Johna and Sam have never been to Europe and their excitement keeps us calmmmmm.  I am just glad I brought the cane so I can pull him along by the neck as he stops to talks to everyone.
Going thru security was the funniest since he took everything off he didn’t have to and putting it back together was more than comical. We were so hassled getting out of town and returning the rental car that the first picture I took was of the two girls just as Sam came out of the toilet.
Johna, Sam and I went to 8:30 Mass today.  Susan had to stay home to finish the e-mail additions and all the prayer intentions.  Thank you for responding and be assured you will be in our prayers.  We have a few hundred and they are all written down and each of us has a copy to carry and reflect upon as we pray.
We are almost ready to board the flight for Madrid so I will finish this tomorrow.  We arrive 7 30 am Madrid time and rent a car. We will drop off our luggage at the hotel and head for the Valley of the Fallen and the to Our Lady Of Prado Nuevo and will meet many friends.  I’ll let you know how the kids do.
Photos attached. Have a great evening
May God bless all of you
Love and prayers
Tom, Susan, Johna and Sam

Sub Tuum Praesidum 

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God;
Despise not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.

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