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Break Away From Your Tour Group

I travel frequently, often with organized tour groups, but one thing I’ve noticed is  that after spending the day touring various sites, we head back to the hotel, have dinner at a decent hour, but then what? I’m not really that tired and  it’s too early for bed.  Should I  head down to the hotel bar for a Cappuccino? Watch the foreign-language TV station in my room?  Or check out CNN International?  Hmm……is this really why I traveled all this way?  The night is young and so am I!

A great idea, if you happen to be in a major city, is to attend a concert in one of the concert halls or churches in the city. You can attend one in the evening as I often do,  or if there is some part of the tour that doesn’t interest you that much, then break away from the group and attend an afternoon concert.

People sometimes are uncertain about striking out on their own in an unfamiliar city and certainly that is understandable.  You don’t know your way around, probably don’t speak the language, etc.  But breaking away from the group can often be one of the most rewarding experiences of your holiday.  After paying so much money to get there,  why sit in the hotel? Travel is about memories, after all.

Concert at Notre Dame Cathedral
Concert at Notre Dame Cathedral

Can you imagine being able to say “oh, yes while in Paris we went to a concert at Notre Dame” or perhaps “in Rome we went to see Guiseppe Verdi’s La Traviata“.  And often the venue, whether it be a church or opera house, is as spectacular as the music .

If I’ve convinced you to break away even for a little while, then I have some advice:  be sure you purchase your tickets from a reliable supplier.  It can be a little scary to order tickets from an unknown source in a country far away and wonder if the company will actually come through for you.

A company that I recommend highly is CassicTic.  Check out their website  and you will find concert information for 21 countries from Austria to USA.  It is safe, secure and tickets will be delivered directly to you. Be aware of sites that offer deals too good to be true…..they probably are!  ClassicTic is an official authorized agent for the artist, venue, or arts organization.  You can even order upon arrival with your mobile phone.  

With music no interpreter is needed, because music is an International language that binds all people together.  So don’t miss out!

Classic Tic website
Classic Tic Website

By the way, just in case you didn’t know, people in Italy (and elsewhere) don’t drink cappuccino in the evenings.  It is a morning drink.  So my trip down to the lounge will invariably be a cafe mocha or a glass of wine.  But I don’t plan to be in the lounge, I am off to a concert.

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