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Book Review: “Our Lady’s Miracles, A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America” by Marion Amberg

Mary's Miracles A Traveler's guide to the Catholic Church in America by Marion AmbergYou’re reading this on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or some perhaps even a cell phone.  We hope you get the information you are looking for.  But sometimes it’s nice to have something in your hand that does not require internet access…such as the book we recommend here. Yes…people still do read guide books!  In fact, so do we.

“Mary’s Miracles, A Catholic’s guide to Catholic  America”, by Marion Amberg, is probably the most comprehensive guide we have ever seen dedicated to the many Catholic shrines devoted to the Blessed Mother in the U.S.A.  In fact, although we pride ourselves on covering almost all the Shrines here in the U.S.A., we have to admit that this book covers some of which we were not aware (we will be adding them soon!).

Broken down by geographic regions (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Mountain West, Southwest, Pacific West) it provides a history, description and photos of some of the most interesting places for Catholics to visit.

This, in itself, would make this a must-have book for Catholics (whether armchair travelers or those actually hitting the road).

But in addition to that valuable information, what sets this apart even further from other guide books is that after most description of a shrine or church, is a section called “Signs and Wonders”.  Here the author details certain events that related to that particular shrine.

Mary’s Miracles: A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America is available from OSV Publsihing (osvcatholicbookstore.com) and online booksellers and at Catholic bookstores and gift shops.

About Marion Amberg:

Marion Amberg is an award-winning journalist and book author specializing in Faith Travel.

She has written for more than 100 publications, ranging from Catholic Digest to Family Motor Coaching to Texas Highways. She has also authored two books and is working on her third.

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