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Book Review: “Eucharistic Saints…Twenty Stories of Devotion to Jesus”

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Twenty Stories of Devotion to Jesus by Meredith Hinds (illlustrated by Adalee Hude)”

Eucharistic SaintsDirected at young people, this is certainly a book for our time.  Surveys reveal that many Catholic adults no longer believe in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, even though that is perhaps one of the most important beliefs of the Catholic faith and what separates us from our protestant brothers and sister (also perhaps, to a somewhat lesser degree, with the Anglicans).  So we are happy to see this book that tell us about the some saints that were devoted to the Eucharist.

These 20 stories help bring the stories of the Eucharist to life…..and, although it aimed at young people, we felt it was just as relevant for adults.  They are hypothetical versions of what might have happened during a Eucharistic Miracle or Miraculous event….and they are believable and the conversations are quite real and enjoyable to read.

As printed, each story stands by itself and if you want to read the background of the event they are listed in the rear of the book.  Our only suggestion for the layout of this book would have been to put each of these factual description in the beginning of each Eucharistic event rather than at the end of the book…..but that is only our opinion and others may prefer the book the way it is laid out.

We noticed that Carlo Acutis was included in the book.  He is Blessed Carlo Acutis today, but it looks like he will soon be Saint Carlo Acutis….the first Saint of the new millenium…. great role model for young people,

There are several saints of which we were not familiar….so it added to our knowledge, which is always a good thing!

We found the illustrations to be beautifully done, and add much to the book  (after all, we live in a visual world).

You can find it at Tan Books.

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