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Advertise on the Catholic Travel Guide

Advertise with us you can get the word out to over thousands of  highly motivated Catholic travelers who visit our site each month.  Our goal is not just immediate sales, but even more importantly to develop brand awareness.  As this article from Economic Times points out:

How likely are you purchase something from a brand that you have never seen or heard before? When it comes to understanding consumer decision journey, that is, from the time they were exposed to a brand to the time they are a prospective customer to finally buying it, there is a lot that goes in between. Each step of this proverbial journey includes aspects like an existing perception about a given brand, availability of alternatives, price, etc.

So this is our goal…increase awareness of your brand.

The highest number of visitors to The Catholic Travel Guide come from the US, but we have a number from  from Canada, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia. Africa makes up about 10% of our visitors.

We limit the number of advertisers on our site, so you won’t get lost in the crowd.  And, our link ads are cost-effective.


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