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Our Advertising Policy

Advertisements you may see on our site:  

We are not a non-profit….so we do run ads….have to pay the bills somehow!  But we try to limit the number of ads and, of course, try to eliminate any that may conflict with Catholic values.

The advertising on our site comes several sources.

1. One of these is Google Adsense.  Google chooses the ads to display on each page according to three basic criteria:

→  The page subject.

→  What the viewer may have looked at previously.

→  Random placement by Google…whatever their program thinks might fit the subject on our page.

We try to filter out ads that are not appropriate, but occasionally one slips by us.  This is sometimes beyond our control but feel free to contact us if you find inappropriate content and we will do what we can.

2. Another source is ads placed via affiliate advertising through sources such as Amazon, Ignatius Press, The Catholic Company and others.  In this case, we can be a bit more selective about the ads that show up on our website.

3.  And, finally, we have a few direct advertisers that pay to put their ads on our site.