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About our pilgrimage, by Tom & Sue


As  we begin to pack after months of preparation, our excitement builds … we are  almost there!  It’s been 19 months since our last  “personal pilgrimage” and 9 months since we booked our flights  (ugh)!  Long, long wait!
After hours and hours of research and planning,  we “think” we have created another great adventure filled with remote, out  of the way villages and Shrines, spectacular drives, plenty of mountains for  Susan and plenty of climbing for me … let’s hope the legs hold  out.

This is also a chance to re-visit old friends  that we have made over the years, as well as the excitement of meeting many  new people.  This year will mark over 200 Shrines dedicated to  Jesus and to Our Blessed Mother that wehave visited in this, our seventh  pilgrimage.  That’s not to mention all the Saints and other wonderful  Basilicas that we been fortunate to have traveled to over the  years.

This isn’t a luxury-filled journey by  any means.  Except for the CAR!  I’ve  reserved a Mercedes for the month.  If we get  it.  And, I’ll say it only once right now …  “DID I TELL YOU I LOVE THIS  CAR?”   For those of you
who have traveled  with us via our Daily Trip Reports over the years, you  will understand!

On  this trip will we will drive about 3,500 miles and visit 4 countries  including France, Spain, Andorra, and we will fly to Cracow, Poland for a 5  day visit.  No driving there, we will use the train, bus  and walk. Our greatest luxury will be a Queen or  King-Size Bed.  And a shower bigger than a linen  closet!  (I better get some “soap on a rope” just in  case!).   There are no fancy  restaurants or resorts.  Just local bistros,supermarkets,  picnics and small hotels and Bed and Breakfasts (some with
home-style  meals).

When, How and Why, Many Have Continually Asked  …

Sunday, May 17, 2015 for 33  Days!

Just do a lot of research and planning, book a  flight, rent a car, and go!  (With lots of Faith!)


Why Do We Take These “Personal  Pilgrimages”?  We  have answered these questions many different ways in the past.   But Susan and I both feel that our “personal pilgrimages” have become  more likea “Vocation” rather than a “Vacation”.  It is a  joyous time filled with a lot of Prayer and adventure.  It  is a chance for us (and you) to experience the great glory and  mysteries of our Faith.  And, for us to travel and Pray  for you (and along with you) for all of your Special Intentions … which, through the Grace of God and Our Blessed Mother, many Prayers have been answered.

As  we all work and strive (or at least should) for Eternal Life and redemption,  these “Personal Pilgrimages”, for us, is one of Faith, Hope & Love (Charity) which always leaves us refreshed and  renewed.Our  Lord said … “For those who receive, much is expected”.   This, to us, is part of our “giving back” that which is expected.
Personal Pilgrimages”.


Going on Pilgrimage is to uninstall  and go to other places, to otherlands, to other people, it is open to the  unknown … and the new.  Journeying is a physical and  spiritual journey: investment of the whole body, de-cluttering, in favor of  the essential, to go to meet the unknown, not only walk inside.  Walking forces them to invest a whole.  Not only the heart, but also with the body.   And Faith comes not  only from the head but also by hands, by legs, etc.

Pilgrimage is an important moment (moments of  healing and building), but it must return to daily life.  Indeed, the  time is not yet ripe for the Pilgrim to stay on the mountain.  He must  go down as Peter, James and John after the  Transfiguration.

As  always, we send this early so you can send us your Special Prayer Intentions  now.  As in the past, you can always send them to us while  we are on our journey.  On our last Pilgrimage, we were  Blessed to carry and Pray for 268 of your Special Intentions.   That’s Susan’s job to keep them straight and deliver them to the  right Shrines which she does so carefully.  Your job is to  Pray with us for those intentions.  Please remember us  also in your Prayers.

That’s it for now. Our first report  will be on the 17th and hopefully, daily, if time  permits.  So sit back and “ENJOY THE  RIDE”.

May  God bless all of you … Always!

Tom & Susan  Melillo

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