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Guidelines for blogging on the Catholic Travel Blog

We love comments and guest bloggers–it benefits everyone.  Please follow these basic guidelines for comments/ guest bloggers on the Catholic Travel Blog

1. Stay on topic.
 If you are making a comment, make your contribution relevant to the original post.

2.  Be polite. Comments that contain inappropriate language, harshly criticize, or disrespect others’ opinions are not allowed.  You are welcome to give constructive criticism or advice

3.  Limit your entries:  Only two posts per blog entry. We have a forum for more detailed discussion.  Avoid direct responses to others’ comments as such behavior leads to bickering. Do not react openly to guideline violations. We monitor all blog posts and will be able to respond to violations.

4.  Do not feed the trolls. Do not be a troll. A “troll” is someone who posts messages intended to infuriate you and elicit a response—such as attacking the Catholic Church. The internet brings out the worst in some people, and trolls “feed” on such responses. Ignoring trolls is the only solution. To paraphrase Matthew: don’t cast your pearls before swine.

5.   Blog posts must be original.  Content cannot be used on your own website or any other website.  This is extremely important since Google doesn’t like duplicate content (nor do we) and will punish those who violate this principal.  We will check all entries for duplication both prior to publishing and periodically after it is published.

6.  Once your blog article is posted, we own the rights to that post.

7.  Guest bloggers are allowed a link back to their respective sites once the post is approved. No commercial links are allowed within the blog post (links that are designed to promote a specific company or product over others).

8.  We reserve the right to make editing changes to your post, however they will usually remain minor.  These may include correcting typos, changing the title, adding links and other minor changes that will not effect the overall theme of the post. 

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