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Update to Pope Francis’ September schedule

The regular weekly Papal Audiences will resume on Wednesday, September 4th.  The audiences are normally cancelled during July and August, as they were this year.  Most audiences are held in Saint Peter’s Square unless there is inclement weather.  Tickets are free, but should be arranged in advance.  

To order tickets you can contact the Prefecture of the Papal Household by mail or fax.  Those from North America can also request tickets through the North American College.  Those from Australia can contact Domus Australia for help in getting tickets.

A few private companies offer tickets for a fee…although the tickets they get are free they usually can get you closer to the front.

Consult our website for details on attending a Papal Audience in Rome.

There will also be a Papal Mass for Catechists on Sunday September 29th in Saint Peter’s Basilica and tickets are also required for that.  

Please note that Pope Francis leads the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square at noon on Sundays.  An exception will be Sunday September 22nd when he will be making a Pastoral visit to Cagliari, Sardinia to the Shrine of Our Lady of Bonaria. Tickets are not required to attend the Angelus.

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