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U.S.A. (Baltimore, Maryland) Relics of Padre Pio Tour

U.S.A. (Baltimore, Maryland) Relics of Padre Pio Tour

June 15, 2019

The 2019 tour of the relics of Padre Pio. For more information about tour schedules, please contact the local Cathedral/Parish.

The relics of Saint Pio available for public veneration are the following:

Saint Pio’s glove
Saint Pio’s crusts of the wounds
Cotton-gauze with Saint Pio’s blood stains
A lock of Saint Pio’s hair
Saint Pio’s mantle
Saint Pio’s handkerchief soaked with his sweat hours before he died

For information about the public veneration, please call (410) 547-5542 or email angelus.virata@archbalt.org.

A mass in honor of Saint Pio will be celebrated at 6:15pm by The Most Reverend William Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore

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