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Seattle, Washington: The Seattle Seafarers Center

About the Catholic Seafarers Ministry in Seattle:

While we enjoy the many goods produced overseas and shipped to the U.S., it is a less-well-known fact that seafarers of all ages and nationalities work an average of 80 hours a week (plus overtime) to bring us these necessary goods and, as an international population, are often exploited. Work on board ships is can be isolating, and seafarers are at a much higher risk for depression, divorce, and suicide.  Many of the crew members come from heavily Catholic populations such as the Philippines and get little spiritual support along the way.

With an average of 30 ships a month coming into the Port of Seattle, Mission to Seafarers serves those who work on board cargo and container ships and bulk carriers by providing essential human services.

And the people that work on the cruise ships come from all over the world, doing everything from housekeeping to navigation to working in the casinos to dancing in the shows.

When their ships come into port, the crew members that are able to disembark have very limited time to call their families, pick up prescriptions, buy a sweater, enjoy a meal off ship, or visit a Seattle hot spot like Pike Place Market.  With the help of their volunteers, the Catholic Seafarers Ministry provides the crew members with reliable and safe transportation from the ship to downtown and back.

The Seattle Seafarers Center, run by this ministry, offers internet and telephone service, a comfortable lounge with a pool table, a full kitchen facility and a chapel for those coming off the ships.


Finding the Seafarers Center in Seattle:

The Seattle Seafarers’ Center, operated by the Mission to Seafarers, is located at 3568 W. Marginal Way SW, south of Terminal 5 along the West Duwamish Waterway.

Address:  (physical location) 3568 W. Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

(Mailing Address) 710 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104-2017

Fax: 206-935-3439

email: ashley@mts-seattle.org


Click here for the official website of the Catholic Seafarers Ministry in Seattle.