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Savannah, Georgia

The Catholic History of Savannah, Georgia:

As one of the 13 colonies of Great Britain, it was illegal for Catholics to practice their religion in Georgia; and naturally, there were few Catholics in the colony…and certainly, no Catholic churches.  Having recently won its independence from England, Georgia was now more open to Catholics.  The first Catholics to arrive in Savannah were French Catholic refugees fleeing from the Haitian Revolution that had begun in 1791. They built a wood-frame church, the first Catholic church in the city.

Pope Pius IX erected the Diocese of Savannah on July 19, 1850, with the Right Reverend Francis X Gartland as the first bishop. At that time the Diocese included all of Georgia and Eastern Florida. He served until his death in 1854.

Catholic places of interest in Savannah, Georgia:

Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist

Childhood home Museum of Flannery O’Connor

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