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Juneau, Alaska


About Juneau:

Juneau is the capitol city of the state of Alaska, with a population of around 32,000 that gives it a small town atmosphere.  Many cruises dock here, and if it is on a weekend that means the opportunity to attend Mass or at least visit one of the churches.

About the Diocese of Juneau:

The Diocese of Juneau is the smallest Diocese in the United States, with a Catholic population of 10,600. It is also one of largest in square miles: 35,000 square miles in area. The Cathedral is undoubtedly the smallest in the U.S. The Diocese is located in the Southeastern Panhandle of the State of Alaska and geographically it is strung out along five hundred miles of islands, peninsulas and fjords in an area where the glaciers literally meet the sea.

Many….perhaps most….visitors arrive on one of the many cruise ships that stop here.  Catholics will undoubtedly wish to attend Mass if possible…or at least visit one of the Catholic churches or the one shrine in Juneau.

Catholic shrines & places of interest in Juneau:

There are other Catholic churches as well….we have listed two that might be most convenient for cruise passengers.  If you are traveling independently then you may wish to check the Diocesan website for additional churches.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (check out their free cruise ship shuttle service)

National Shrine of Saint Therese

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