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San Marino

About San Marino:

Although completely surrounded by Italy, San Manino is actually a country…the third smallest country in Europe after Vatican City and Monaco. It was founded as a Republic in 600 AD and recognized by the Papacy in 1631, and became a member of the United Nations in 1992. . San Marino was founded by Marinus, whom tradition says was a stonemason by trade who came from the island of Arba (today Rab), on the other side of the Adriatic Sea (part of the Roman Empire at the time, now modern-day Croatia. He was fleeing persecution for his Christian beliefs in the Diocletianic Persecution.  The official date for the founding of San Marino is September 3, 301 AD.

Known only by the single name Marinus (of the sea), there are several versions of his story.  Regardless of which is true, he traveled to the town of Rimini, which was being re-built.  Many Christians were there and he sought to comfort them and to alleviate their sufferings, so far as was in his power.

In his old age Marinus withdrew to a hermitage and decided to seclude himself on Mount Titano, living the life of a hermit in holy contemplation. As his reputation for his sanctity grew, others started to follow him there, until finally a lady from Rimini and the owner of Mount Titano decided to gift him the mountain.

Marinus was canonised as a saint, and later, the State of San Marino grew up from the center created by the monastery.

You will find many churches here in this small area.


The Basilica of San Marino.

Address:  Piazzale Domus Plebis, 47890 Città di San Marino, San Marino

Tel:   +378 0549 992420

Click here for the official website of the Basilica of San Marino in San Marino.


Other Catholic Churches in San Marino:

Church of Our Lady of Consolation (Santuario della Beata Vergine della Consolazione)

Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle (Chiesa di Sant’Andrea)

Church of Saint Francis (Chiesa di San Francesco)

Church of Saint Paul the Apostle (Chiesa di San Paolo apostolo)

Church of Saint Peter (Chiesa di San Pietro)

Traveling to San Marino:

You reach San Marino through Rimini, Italy.  There is a train station in Rimini and from there you can catch a bus or take a taxi.

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