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Gdańsk – Matemblewo, Poland: The Sanctuary of Our Lady of God

History of The Sanctuary of Our Lady of God in Gdańsk – Matemblewo:

According to tradition, a carpenter, a resident of Matarnia, who was a carpenter had a wife about to give birth to a child and his wife’s health had deteriorated to such a condition that he thought she might die.  He set off on foot, during a raging blizzard, to Gdansk, about 8 miles away, to get a doctor.  During this journey, this man gradually lost strength until he fell from exhaustion.  We don’t know the exact date, other than to say it was in the late 18th century.

As he lay there he began to pray fervently, begging God to save himself, his bedridden wife and yet unborn child. Suddenly a beautiful figure of the pregnant woman appeared before him, illuminated with unusual light. She told him that he should return hoome because his wife had already given birth to a boy and was doing well. He did as he was told and found that indeed was the case.

A few days later, the carpenter told the miraculous event to the Cistercians in nearby Oliwa Abbey, who believed his story to be credible.

News of the apparitions spread quickly and  the faithful began to gather on the spot.  Most of these were women who could not give birth to children or were expecting children. Each of them – in accordance with the existing custom – brought with them a bag of soil, from which a magnificent mound arose.  On top of that mound,  the Cistercians erected a wooden chapel and placed the figure of Mary in it.

Address:  Matemblewska 67, 80-283 Gdańsk

Tel:  +58 346-21-34 Sanctuary / Parish
tel. +58 522-43-41 House of the Lonely Mother Caritas
tel. (+58) 348-03-66 Sisters of the Holy Spirit.

e-mail: rozumblewo@diecezjagdansk.pl

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