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Venice: Church of Saint Geremia & Relics of Saint Lucy

About the Church of Saint Geremia & the relics of Saint Lucy:

Relics of St. Lucy in the Church of San Geremia in Venice
This Photo was taken by Wolfgang Moroder.

This church is a popular pilgrimage destination because of the grave of Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia di Siracusa), who is celebrated on December 13th and is known by the pilgrims to be the “eye protector”.  The outside of the church is featured by the façade overlooking the Grand Canal, on which you can easily see the following inscription: “Lucia Vergine di Siracusa rests in peace in this temple. You inspire a bright future and peace to Italy and the entire World”.

The relics of Saint Lucy have had an interesting journey over the centuries.  Siracusa, hometown of the Saint in Sicily, once held here remains, but when the Saracens invaded, a general brought the relics to Constantinople. During the 4th Crusade the Crusaders took the relics and brought them to Venice and place them in the church of Santa Lucia; however. in the 20th century the church where they were kept was demolished in order to build a train station on that spot (the station is named after her), and St. Lucy’s relics were moved here to San Geremia Church.

But the relics of the Saint had one more episode:  In 1981 some criminals entered the church suddenly forcing the main doors, stole the Saint’s grave and asked for a money ransom. The big matter came to a successful conclusion when the local police retrieved the Saint’s mortal remains the very same day of her celebration, on December 13th.

Finding the Church of San Geremia in Venice:

As mentioned above, the Church of San Geremia is a short distance from the Santa Lucia train station and on the Grand Canal, so it is quite easy to find.

Address:  Campo San Geremia, 272, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

Tel: +39 041 716181

Click here for the official website of the Church of San Geremia in Venice.

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