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Termoli, Italy: Cathedral of Termoli

About the Cathedral of Termoli:

The Cathedral here…officially named the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Purification dates from the 12th and 13th centuries and is dedicated to the Purification of the Virgin Mary. It is also known for Saints Bassus and Timothy, who are the patron saints  of the city of Termoli.

The Skull of Saint Timothy:

One of the highlights of the Cathedral is the skull of Saint Timothy.  Saint Timothy was an apostle of one of the original Apostles:  Saint Paul.  They were followers of his and helped Saint Paul spread the Gospel.  His relics were discovered here in 1945 during restoration work on the crypt of the cathedral.   The workers found a marble tombstone with an inscription stating:  “In the year of the Lord 1239. Here rest in peace the body of the blessed Timothy disciple of the blessed Apostle.”

In 2011, Russian Orthodox and Catholic bishops met in Termoli, Italy to pray and venerate Timothy’s relics together.

The Church celebrates the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus on Jan. 26.

Relics of Saint Bassus of Lucera:

Bassus of Lucera was one of the first bishops in Italy, personally baptized and appointed by Saint Peter, who passed through the south of Italy on his way to Rome, leaving a string of miracles in his wake. Saint Bassus was executed by the emperor Trajan in 118 AD, when he refused to denounce his Christian faith and worship the Roman gods.  He became one of the earliest Christian Martyrs.

In December 1761 the bones of Saint Bassus, patron saint of Termoli, were found in the crypt of the Cathedral.

We celebrate the Feast of Saint Bassus of Lucera on December 5.

Finding the Cathedral of Termoli:

Termoli is a beautful, medieval city located on the Adriatic.  It is roughly 190 miles east of Rome, and 100 miles east of Naples.  It can be reached from most major cities by a combination of train and bus, although bus is often faster due to connection times.

Address:  Piazza Duomo, 1, 86039 Termoli CB, Italy

Tel: +39 0875 708025

The Cathedral does not have a website; however, you can click here for the official Termoli tourism website that will give some information.

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