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Ravenna: The Chapel of Sant’Andrea or Archiepiscopal Chapel

About the Chapel of Sant’Andrea:

This is the only existing archiepiscopal chapel (Bishop’s chapel) of the early Christian era that has been preserved intact to the present day. It was erected by Bishop Peter II (494-519) during the reign of Theodoric as a private oratory for Catholic bishops during the time when Arianism was the main religion of the court.

Peter II fought Arianism throughout his time as Bishop, and the mosaics feature strong anti-Arian iconography, with Christ dressed like a victorious emperor standing on the beast and a snake. The vault mosaics almost resemble a carpet or tapestry of birds and patterns, thus affirming the postion that He was definitely the son of God.

The Archbishop’s Chapel is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage listed site in Ravenna. The chapel is on the first floor of the Archbishop’s Museum (Museo Arcivescovile), so you will have to look for it, since  and the museum has a number of other small rooms.


Finding the Chapel of Sant’Andrea in Ravenna:

Address: Piazza Arcivescovado, 1, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italy

Tel: +39 0544 541688

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