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Ravenna: The Arian Baptistery (Battistero degli Ariani)

About the Arian Baptistery (Battistero degli Ariani):

As with so many of the churches in Ravenna, the highlight here is the mosaic.  This one depicting John the Baptist baptizing Jesus (who is here beardless as typical in Arian style) and an old man dressed in green (repreenting the River Jordan) and surrounded by the 12 Apostles.

Ravenna was an area that held many believers in Arianism, but Of course, Arianism was a heresey of the time that denied the divinity of Christ.  Nevertheless, the baptistry does make an interesting visit.

Finding Battistero degli Ariani in Ravenna:

Address:  Piazzetta degli Ariani, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italy

Tel:  +39 0544 543724

email:  pm-ero.musnaz-ra@beniculturali.it

Click here for the local tourist information website.

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