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Ravenna: Dante’s Tomb


About Dante Alighieri:

Dante lived in exile for twenty years. He was banned from Florence for his political activity…returning would have meant being burned at the stake….so after that sentence, he traveled extensively, spending time in Verona and Sarzana (Liguria), among other places. He was invited to Ravenna in 1318 and died there three years later. It was during his exile years that he wrote his masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.  You can read more about him here.

Finding Dante’s Tomb in Ravenna:

Dante’s remains were moved about a bit over the years, but were eventually found in 1865, and placed in the tomb where they still are today, in this simple tomb on a side street next to the Basilica of San Francesco.  The tomb is a national monument and around it is the so-called ‘silence zone,’ as a sign of respect.

Address:  Via Dante Alighieri, 9, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italy

Tel:  +39 0544 215676

Click here for the official website of Ravenna describing Dante’s tomb.
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