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Caravaggio, Italy: Shrine of Our Lady of Caravaggio

About Our Lady of Caravaggio:

On 26 May 1432 The Blessed Virgin Mary reportedly appeared to a woman named Giovannette, wife of Francesco Varoli. She said that Mary appeared in a field in Caravaggio, in Northern Italy, in the region of Milan; saying that her son was angry, that people should fast on Fridays and they should celebrate the Blessed Mother Saturdays after vespers. Our Lady announced that there would be peace to between the neighboring warring states and reconciliation between the Church in the East and West, through the Council of Florence (1438—1445). The council which churches tried to reach agreement between the Latin and Greek churches on their doctrinal differences and end the schism between them. An agreement was reached, but was short-lived.

Having said that, and having made the sign of the cross on Giannetta, she disappeared before her eyes. When Giovannette returned to Caravaggio, she reported everything she had seen and heard. Many believed her and began to visit the place of the apparition.  As memento of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s presence she left the imprint of her feet on the stone where she stood. A spring of water sprung forth from under the stone that no one had ever seen before. Sick people then went to that spring, and news spread that the sick were returning healed from the infirmities they suffered, through the intercession and the merits of the glorious Virgin Mother of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

About the Shrine of Our Lady of Caravaggio:

A small shrine was built at the place of the apparition thanks to the Duke of Milan, Filberto Maria Viscouti. In 1575, Charles Borromeo hired the architect, Pellegrinio Pellegrinis to enlarge the sanctuary.

Pope John Paul II at the Shrine of Our Lady of Caravaggio
Pope John Paul II visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Caravaggio

Pope Clement XI crowned the venerated image on 30 September 1710.

The Madonna di Caravaggio, or “del Fonte”, is now an enormous shrine. The sanctuary attracts many people each year.

Here is a great youtube video about the shrine (use the closed caption option and choose English)

Finding Our Lady of Caravaggio Shrine:

The Shrine is located about 25 miles east of Milan.  There is direct train service from Milan, with several trains each day. Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

Address:  Viale Giovanni XXIII, 24043 Caravaggio BG, Italy

Tel:  +39 0363 3571

Click here for the official website of Our Lady of Caravaggio Shrine.

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