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Prouille, France: Monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe

About the Monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe:

The Monastery was established in the 13th century and was intended partly as a refuge for women who had previously lived in Cathar religious houses but had formally converted to Catholicism and was the first established base of operations for Saint Dominic and his followers. About twelve women, including Raymonde Claret, were the first nuns of Prouille, living under the Rule of St. Augustine. Originally they had been lodged elsewhere because the buildings at Prouille were scarcely habitable.

Although intended for women religious, it was initially governed by men, beginning with Saint Dominic himself. Other men lived here too, because the second purpose of Prouille was to serve as a base for the itinerant preachers who conducted the work of conversion of the Cathars begun by Diego and Dominic. The Cathars were a heretical group whose beliefs contradicted those of the Catholic Church in the several ways..

Dominic himself placed a special importance on the enclosure of women, yet it was not until 1294, many years after his death, that Prouille became cloistered. From that date onwards its nuns are described in documents as sorores inclusae, “enclosed sisters”……today we use the term “cloistered”.

The monastery was so thoroughly razed during the French Revolution that only one arch keystone remains. Its triumphal rebuilding was a personal project of Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, who was the catalyst of the return of the banned Dominicans to France under the French Second Empire.

They have a hotel with rooms with one or two beds.

– The liturgical prayer of the community is open to all

– It is possible to meet a sister.

The material conditions for participation in living expenses are indicated by the Hotel Sister when making contact. Monastic hospitality is part of their livelihood, but a worry about money should not prevent anyone from coming to recharge their batteries.

The Prouilhe Monastery shop sells the artisanal production of Atelier Marie-Dominique produced by the Community: ceramics (patron saints, Virgin Mary, Words, personalized models etc.) icons, rosaries, wine from Prouilhe and the region.

You will also find Monastic products from the other abbeys: food, cosmetic products, candles, decoration, etc.

A bookstore section, a large selection of religious and other books with a specific section for young people and children – you can always place an order and they will ship to you !

Also a large selection of cards, audio-visual (CD and DVD) as well as various religious articles (icons, crosses, medals, angels, statuettes, nativity scenes etc.) and specific to the Dominican Order (crosses and OP pins, booklets and posters of Nine ways of praying of Saint Dominic…), wooden objects (mobiles, children’s games, etc.) etc

Along the GR 78, they can validate a stage on the Route of Saint James.


The Monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe welcomes you to join in the daily liturgy of the community:

Laudes : 6:45 a.m. (7:45 a.m. Sunday)

Eucharist: 8:30 a.m. (10 a.m. Sunday)

Midday Office followed by prayer of the rosary : 11:50 a.m. (12 p.m. Sunday)

Vespers followed by an hour of adoration on Sunday and Thursday : 5:30 p.m.

Compline and vigils : 8:40 p.m.

Check their website for changes.

Finding the Monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe:

Prouilhe (also spelled Prouille) is about 55 miles southeast of Toulouse, the nearest airport and train station.  Note:  If traveling from Paris, you can take the high-speed TGF train to Toulouse and then a bus from Toulouse.

Address:  Moniales Dominicaines, Prouilhe, 11270 Fanjeaux, France

Tel: +33 4 68 11 22 62

email:  Use contact form on their website.

Click here for the official website of the Monastery of Our Lady of Prouilhe (in French).

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