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France: Île Saint-Honorat

About Île Saint-Honorat:

This small island in the Lérins archipelago, off Cannes offers a complete change of scenery and feel…. far from the glitzy atmosphere of Cannes, and its famed film festival, Île Saint-Honorat offers peace and tranquility.  It is a popular destination for those wishing to get away from the world for a bit perhaps to meditate or just unwind.

Catholic places of interest on Île Saint-Honorat:

Among the attractions that attract visitors…both spiritual and secular, are seven chapels.

The two most outstanding chapels are Trinity Chapel and the chapel of Saint Sauveur, both recognized as historical monuments. Trinity Chapel, on the eastern end of the island, has been fully restored. Saint Sauveur Chapel is an 11th-century octagonal-shaped building erected on the site of older buildings.

Lérins Abbey:  Cistercian monks who devote themselves to prayer and the production of wine, liqueurs and olive oil.


As mentioned before, it is close to Cannes, which also has a famous Catholic place of interest: The Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage.

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