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Bordeaux: Saint Serurin Basilica

About the Saint Seurin Basilica:

The Basilica of Saint Seurin has a tradition of Christian prayer and celebration dating back to the 3rd century without interruption. It is part of the foundations of the Church which is in Bordeaux and having crossed the centuries it is a beautiful figure of constancy and renewal for the love of the Lord. We have been engaged for three years in a common conversion process.

The Basilica is home to many statues, perhaps the most notable being a state of Saint James holding a staff in his hand. The crypt in the church dates from the Fifth Century.

Unfortunately, due to a fire in June 2108, the Basilica is currently closed.

Finding the Saint Seurin Basilica in Bordeaux:

Address: Place des Martyrs-de-la-Resistance

GPS coordinates: 44° 50′ 35.6352” N, 0° 35′ 8.3436” W

Tel: (+33) 05 56 93 89 28

Click here for the official website of Saint Seurin Basilica

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