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Days 1 & 2 of Tom & Sue’s Excellent Adventure

Sunday Sept 15

Tom & Sue at the airport in Miami before their Italy pilgrimage
Tom & Sue look relaxed before departure…..perhaps a few libations added to their outlook.

Tomorrow we will be in Italy.  Right now we are at the airport trying to relax and comprehend the venture ahead of us, as well as getting some courage.  Especially after the ride we had. “Thanks Sam”, I hope you got home safe.  Bad thunderstorms were all over but hopefully they will dissipate before we leave. 

As we went thru security Sue got pulled over and tested.  Of all things, for explosives, I told her. to stop buying that cheap makeup.  She had trace amounts on her and after a tense moment they let her go.  I’m sure they are going to make sure she is on the plane.
We stuffed 4 small suitcases, 2 computers,(lot’s of writing to do) a rolling bag with our itinerary and Sue’s handbag( which is loaded with the last minute maybe’s), and yes, I did bring the heating pad.
We have a plethora of intentions, thank you, and don’t forget to send any that may arise.  I had a misfire with the info we sent about plenary indulgences and Sue had our church Guru, Father King to clarify it for us.
You may offer the indulgence for one of the following:
1) Yourself
2) Souls in Purgatory
3) Special Intention (which includes someone who has asked you to pray for them or their needs).
My twitter and e-mail guru, Susan, has already created contacts for us at special shrines around Italy. We will tell you about them as we get closer to the shrines.
Sue had gotten in touch with the Catholic Travel Guide last month about one of the shrines we were visiting  they wrote about. After several communications we sent to her a couple of our 2012 trip reports about a couple of shrines she never heard of, Pena de Francia and  Prado Nuevo.  
She (Gloria) asked if they could use some of the material and of course we said yes, use it all. Sue told her about our trip so Gloria is going edit and use our reports daily an put them in their online blog.  Cool, more people in the car. See link below.
Almost time to get on the plane, I hope the dog food is better than last year.  Who cares I need to loose some weight anyway( only 1 pizza a day) and I want to sleep. Enclosed a couple photo’s on this e-mail but in the future you will get them separately.
I couldn’t get this out in Miami, lost track of time and almost missed the plane.  The flight was very smooth, once we dodged all the storms.  The food was actually very good or we were just to hungry  (we had not eaten all day). Can’t say much for the attitude of the flight attendants, they were pretty curt, but after a few smiles and some jokes the service got better.  We didn’t sleep well, it was hot on the plane, maybe because I wore my velour jogging outfit ( they’re my flying pajamas) I won’t make that mistake on the way home.
Monday Sept 16
We landed in Lisbon and I’m not sure it was at the airport.  It looked like and abandoned field., not another plane in sight and we had to walk down portable ramp and take a bus to the terminals, some 15 min away.
Thank God we were the first bus and got to customs before the rest of our plane and the 2 others that arrived after us, since they only had 2 agents to check people in. When we got thru there had to be 400 people in line.
Just relaxing now in the lounge, our flight to Rome boards in an hour and this is coming to you now so we don’t repeat Miami.  At 8 AM your time we should be on the road.
Sit back and enjoy the trip, I’m driving.
May the Almighty and merciful Lord direct us on our journey; may He make it prosper, and maintain us in peace.  May the Archangel Raphael accompany us along the way, and may we return to our home in peace, joy and health.
Our holy Angel Guardians, ask the Lord to bless the journey which we undertake, that it may profit the health of our souls and body and for those whose intentions we have been blest to carry with us; that we may reach its end, and, that returning safe and sound, we may find our family and friends in good health.  Do thou guard, guide and preserve us.  Amen
May God Bless all of you
Susan and Tom