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Materdomini, Italy: Church of Saint Gerard


The story of Saint Gerard:

Gerard Majella, C.Ss.R. was a lay brother in the Redemptrist Order and is a saint honored throughout the world, not only in Italy but especially in the United States and Canada. He was on this earth only 29 years, but had a tremendous impact on those around him.

He was known especially for caring for the poor and for many miracles that seemed to be impossible. He is said to have increased a family’s small supply of grain that then lasted until the last harvest; walked on water to help rescue a group of fisherman; and many others including the ability to bi-locate and to read people’s souls.

Get this St. Gerard medal & prayer card
Get this St. Gerard medal & prayer card

He is especially invoked by expectant mothers due to an incident that happened after his death. He had dropped a handkerchief at a home in Oliveto Citra, where he went to visit, and a little girl in the family ran after him to give it to him. He told her to keep it, which she did. As an adult this young girl was giving birth and it appeared that she was about to die. She remembered the incident, and asked that it be brought to her. It was placed on her womb and immediately the pain ceased and she gave birth to a healthy baby. The handkerchief was passed on from generation to generation. It is for this reason that he is invoked by so many expectant parents.


Materdomini Room of the Bows
TheRoom of the Bows (photo courtesy PD Caposele)

About the church in Materdomini:

There is a modern church that contains what is called the “room of the bows” as shown in the photo to the right. This is where parents drop off either pink or blue bows in gratitude for their successful childbirth. It is covered floor to ceiling and there is a place where you can drop things off as well.

There is a new church and an old church here. The new church is where Masses are held, but there is not a lot of interest here beyond that. The body of Saint Gerard is on display in the old church.


Traveling to Materdomini:

We highly recommend a visit here….it is an especially moving experience for many. Unfortunately the town is a bit out of the way, with a population of less than 1,000, so it is usually visited by independent travelers. It is not part of any tour company’s schedule that we have been able to find, with the exception of groups originating in Italy. The nearest major town is Oliveto Citra: site of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and well worth a visit; however it  is not terribly large either.

Address: Via del Santuario, 30, 83040 Caposele AV, Italy

GPS coordinates: 40° 48′ 57.6216” N, 15° 14′ 5.3088” E

Tel: +39 (0827) 5378    Fax +39 (0827) 58498

e-mail: [email protected]

Click here for the official website of Saint Gerard’s shrine at Materdomini

You will also find a Shrine to Saint Gerard in Newark, New Jersey.

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