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The lives of the Medjugorje Visionaries Today

The lives of the children naturally changed as time went on, but not necessarily in the way some critics might like to think they should have (some thought they should have entered religious life due to their apparitions…but that would prove nothing in our opinion). They went on to live fairly normal lives, at least so far as possible given the publicity surrounding them.  And some continue to receive apparitions which, in some cases, they share to the public.

Mirjana Dragičević (born on March 18, 1965) It was Mirjana, along with Ivanka, who first saw Our Lady…on June 24.  She lives in Medjugorje, is married and has two children.

Ivanka Ivanković (Born on June 21, 1966). Ivanka is married and has three children.   They live in Miletina near Medjugorje.

Ivan Dragičević (born May 25, 1965):  Married a woman from MassachusettsHe and his wife Laureen have four children.  Ivan spends half the year in Medjugorje, and half the year in Boston.

Jakov Čolo (born March 6, 1971):  Married a woman from Italy.  They have 3 children and live in Medjugorje.

Marija Pavlović (born  April 1st, 1965):   Married and has four children.  She and her family live in Milan, Italy.

Vicka Ivanković (born September 3, 1964): Vicka is married and has two children and lives in Krehin Gradac, near Medjugorje.