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Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. II


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Whether you are forming young hearts and minds in the faith or are in need of a fun refresher on the Catholic words, this Catholic card matching game will help you learn Catholic vocabulary words by playing a fun memory matching game. Formative fun for all ages. A great gift for birthdays, First Communion, and Confirmation. Volume II set includes: Advent Wreath , Alb , Ambry , Aspergillum , Aspersorium , Biretta , Cassock , Cincture , Collection Basket , Corporal , Credence Table , Crosier , Dalmatic , Hymnal , Lavabo Set , Missal Stand , Mozzetta , Offering Box , Pallium , Palm Branches , Paschal Candle , Presider’s Chair , Pyx , Rosary , Votive Candle, and Zucchetto. Download list of vocabulary terms here . Engaging Catholic matching card game Colorful vocabulary words Great faith-formation for all ages Perfect for classroom settings Volume II 52 cards Cards: 3.5″ x 2.5″ Thick UV coated cards

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