Catholic Churches in Singapore

About the Catholic Church in Singapore:

One of the world’s smallest nations, Singapore is actually a city-state. Known for its cleanliness and low crime rate, it is a popular tourist destination. Several cruise lines make port calls here as well. According to the Archdiocese of Singapore website, there about 300,000 Catholics in the city-state, about 5.8% of the population.

The Novena Church in Singapore:

One of the most popular churches is not a parish church, but is the Church of Saint Alphonsus, more commonly called the Novena Church. It contains the shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and draws thousands of Catholics other Christian denominations and even non-Christians each Saturday to pray the Novena. Testimonies are read out from those who thank the Blessed Mother for her intercession and for prayers answered.

There is a reading room and excellent book store here as well.

There are quite a few cruise lines that sail from Singapore..or make it one of their port calls…including Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Seven Seas and others. If your cruise happens to depart…or arrive…on a Sunday, then you can find a variety of churches that offer Mass.

Getting there:

Address: 300, Thomson Road, Singapore 307653

Tel: (65) 62552133             Fax: (65) 63569910


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