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Sicily: Part of Italy, yet set apart


About Sicily:

The island of Sicily is, of course, part of Italy and yet it has its own customs, traditions and even dialect that set it apart from the rest of the country. Sicily is a wonderful destination for travelers, and for those interested in Catholic sites and traditions, there is much to see here.

Christianity arrived early here, with Saint Paul being one of the first to preach the good news on the island.

Sicilians “live life large” you might say, and there are many festivals unique to the island. And of course great food and good wine are integral parts of any visit to Sicily.

One tradition observed not only here but throughout the world in many churches is that of the Saint Joseph’s Table celebrated on the Feast Day of Saint Joseph (March 19).


Here are some of the major Catholic sites in Sicily:

Catania: Tomb of Saint Agatha

Palermo: Sanctuary of Gibilmanna

The Catacombs of Saint John (Coming Soon)

The Basilica of Our Lady of Tears


Trindari:   Basilica dell Madonna in Tindari


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