Where to find a Catholic Mass before or after your next cruise


Want to attend Mass before or after your cruise?
Of course, many ports-of-call offer that opportunity, but if you are departing or arriving on a weekend, you might want to look into these options near some of the major cruise ports in various countries.

We need your input, so please send us your suggestions for any others.  This list if for cruise ports where you may be embarking or dis-embarking, although some might be ports-of-call as well.

Canada Cruise Ports
Vancouver, British Columbia


Cayman Island Cruise Ports
Grand Cayman


Greece Cruise Ports


Italy Cruise Ports


United Kingdom
Southampton (London): St. Joseph’s (walking distance) & St. Edmunds (taxi)


U.S.A. Cruise Ports

Los Angeles & Long Beach, California

Miami, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Galveston, Texas

Port Canaveral, Florida

San Diego, California:  Our Lady of the Rosary


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